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Wind-power generator system usually works in low-temp enviroment, the extreme temperature can be minus 40 degree centigrade, as so to damage the equipments installed in the engineroom. In this condition, we need high-power fan-mode heaters to heat the air-flow to designed temperature, as so to improve the environment and enlarge the lifetime of related equipments, to make whole system more safer.

IRH-17 warm air blower series  
The product is a kind of kerosene, antifreeze light diesel fuel to heat for heating, heating and baking products, main features are : heat output divided by the form of hot air, but also to thermal infrared radiation in the form of output, and the sun can infiltrate into the baking surface of the object within.

JX Series Electric Fan Heaters  
1. The heating elements used stainless steel or whatever.
2. Chill hypothermia, breakthroughs high temperature regulation.
3. High (full power), low (half power), two stalls heating temperature.
4. Over-temperature block security.
  JIEXUN----PTC Hot Air Curtain  
The product uses through circulative fan , forms even air flow along the length of it . Installs it on the door brow in winter will cut of the cold air keep the room warm .
It has been widely used in hotel、dining hall、department store、bank、cinema、waiting room and so on .

Industrial gas detectors/alarms  
A full line of stationary type industrial gas detectors/alarms are available to cover various types of gases and applications, which include electric power plants, steel mills, chemical plants, oil refineries, fuel storage bases, LPG filling stations, underground (tunnel) work sites, ships, etc.
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